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He had 5grams of heroin caught in September last year and they gave 12 years and 6 months of punishment. My father was a user, but they replaced the seller because it was in a package. What do you think my father will go to the court of the Supreme Court?

Hello yesterday, while 3 friends were sitting in the park, identity check and body search were made by the guards. 1 meter away 4 gr. The item was found and we went to the police station, our statement was taken, and nobody took it on it, saying that all of us are not properly registered. Will we go to court? Will the court paper come home? What do you think will be the result?

Hello, my boyfriend is caught at work with 84 grams, he is a drinker, but his other friends are scared and misrepresented, and the prisoner has been tried. For 4 months, the next month will be in prison. Other friends corrected their statements. He does not have a criminal record to say that he is a drinker, how do you think it will result?

hello my wife has been inspected for drinking, but 17 pieces of 0.99 gr of bonzai have been caught over the last year and the transaction is made from being a seller. 12.5 years in prison 25.000 fines were given, but my husband is not a seller, we do not need the money to earn 0.99 gr. He gave, but there is no different evidence except that we have objected to the judiciary now that the appeal is in place, please help.

Hello 2 days ago the amount we got caught smoking marijuana with friends was very small and I used it for the first time in my life. I have not registered for anything before, I have no record and I am very regretful. Probation will be given, probably as far as I have researched, I will not commit this crime again, and I have very regrets and dreams. Would this be a problem for the civil service (military service, police, watchman, teacher, etc.)?

Hello, according to the Civil Servants Law, the crime of using drugs is not counted as an obstacle to civil service. Receiving a prison sentence of 1 year or more is considered as an obstacle to civil service. For your information

Hello, have a nice day, while I was walking in Kadıköy with my friends, there was a part of the cigarette bag inside the bag outside the cigarette package and a wrapped cigarette-like substance that was about to end, and about 0.2 grams of powdered grass. 3 friends of us took him, while we were sipping normal coke, the police came to search and identity check.We gave our identities by helping the officers, and then we handed over the package we found voluntarily, because we found something like this. Later, I gave a statement. My statement in the statement is like here, something that never belongs to us. During the course of going to the police station at that time, you are a good person, I understood your good intentions, so in his own statement he said that he will indicate that we did not drink him at that time and that he had no direct relation with us. When I asked whether I would get probation or my supervisor, he said no, probably at the prosecutor’s office, your file will be closed because you do not drink and do not sell.

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