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XIX. In the centers of the century, it is mentioned that the blood cineman revealed in the form of a technological finding, which is increasingly focused on human and society, and how to produce more efficient artifacts. The article of articles, which are an art, which is an art that is obliged to question the human and society, and the human, society is created in the framework of artistry, structures, technology, assisted in the framework of art relatedities. > It is aimed to evaluate the elements and evaluation. Cinemay> Loving and better understanding of the teen-maker efforts to the teen-maker efforts, the basis of these reaches in these reaches. From the cinema human and its situation, it is to transfer the situation to the white curb? What is the movie tracked in the white screen is carried out? How to describe a story in the cinema? Cinema in the world and in our country is developed? Such questions are included in the Movie Culture section of the books. The television has a separate location in today’s audience audience vehicles serving the content in the physical universe in the physical universe in the physical universe. One of the most important reasons for this is that the television is to be the properties of mass-communication tools before the community before himself. For example, read the newspaper to get news, open the radio to listen to music, we go to the cinema to watch the movies. However, it is possible to accomplish all of these by watching television. Today, the internet environment, which surrounds the masses, can be said in the television in the television if it is good or bad, art or if not. Television that does not make a single press can be examined with its content. When the mass-conducting means are consumed by the society, they are increasingly in the same time. For example, the cinema, the visual-level structural structures in the known cinema film are borne. These are the types of artificers that make the art to be a bit of the art. The share of the television in the same time, these structures are diagnosed as well as both the structures of the structure and a value is evident.

The strength and formation of the television are well-held. The fact that the determining cases in the bottom of this magic power are found to be. Discussions are different, although common denominated FluDur: television is in a decisive phenomenon in all aspects. In this sense, the FLU questions in this sense are to the FLU questions: Television is a tool, which is installed and managed by. What is the place and importance of television in different culture in different culture? So can video arts take place in the environment? In addition to these questions, it is included in the video culture section of the book. Mentioned in the scope of movies and video, the basic cases and approaches are easy to obtain an understanding of an understanding of their understanding. Preparation of this book, including the authors to the authors, Assoc.Dr. I don’t have to Mujgan Bozkaya. I hope that a textbook is a guide to the book and the place of understanding the location and importance of the film and video.

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