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You can’t live with the controlled organic mind you live with weed, forget it, what a curse it puts the man in the tribune of death. I guess it explains how dangerous it is to live this high with 1 smoke even when there is an exception even when there is too much overdose with substances like cocaine. As far as I heard it was a mixture of heavy poisons. something that is not even worth trying no matter what. If you do not want to lose your mental health and life stay away friends. When you enter a road with no return, you may not even have time to say I wish. Stay away from anything synthetic …

Friends, I drank a lot and tried everything but I did not see any benefit of believing. All I see is when people find out that you drink it, you understand how impoverished you are and how much damage it harms your body. I had a friend who used it continuously for years, now we are being treated for heart failure. I think it will be

Hello there. When I read the comments of people who use so many bonzai, I saw that there are more people who say do not use first than those who say use. It was even more than I expected. So it’s really a very dangerous substance. Turkish youth should undertake new inventions instead of consuming their life with such materials. We all have problems, but if we look for friends, Allah is enough, so if we choose the concept of friend-friend well, we will not be harmed by the behavior of others. When an earthquake happens, we ask God for help so that he can save us, but why do we stay away from Him other times? Thank you when even a friend of ours gives us a gift. But God has given us so much, do we pray to him? Do we know why we come to life? What is the purpose of our life? If we think about them, we stay away from such harmful substances. If we have full faith in the other world, our strength to endure the troubles in this world will increase. For example, our friend angered us, our teacher disgraced us in front of everyone, our family is very confused with us, etc. Youth is everything. It is necessary to deal with the problems of youth. There is a lot of work for families and teachers here. May God help everyone in a difficult situation, except those who have bad intentions. Finally, I will recommend a site You can ask questions in your mind on this site. May God be with you.

Friends, I’ve Read Most Reviews Please NOTE THIS WARNING EVERYBODY, Nothing Happens to Me I Have Been Stuck With Esra I Have Been Stuck In The Past I Have Been Drinking Cannabis For 6.7 Years I Have Been Sitting In Antalya Fastly Young People Are Chasing Drugs (Pursuit) Just Yesterday I Entered an Environment I knew, but Bonzai was not told to me. My head started to spin after maximum 10 – 20 seconds after I suffered it was not the head of cannabis I was already drinking cannabis and I drank it in that place I was beautiful I was beautiful I was not even beautiful I was devastated I was the last time I sat on the floor I was talking to myself I wanted that head to go Tripten trip I wanted to get up and walk I fell to the ground after 10 meters I fell into the industry I wanted to go home to apalaya apalaya Then those friends came to me and they tried to lift me, my eyes were covered in black I did not see anything but I was aware of my movements I was not able to lift my hand with death I was digging as if I had been in that head for 20 hours, I felt like I was going to die. I turned to the cartoon character. I turned to the cartoon character, everybody came to me, my eyes were blurred. It contains excessive chemicals, if I will live like that, better friends BONZAI & JAMAIKA Should Never Be Tried No Joke 1 No Nothing 2 Nothing But Tight Tight, Nice Mala, You Will Surprise Your Fes, You Will Have to Call Ambulance

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